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Interested in performing with us?

Every member of 100%QUEER publicly self-identifies as queer. 


100%QUEER is about queer visibility. We more than welcome allied support, but this is not a space for allied performers. We recognize that not everyone can be "out" and we hope that by being so visible ourselves, we are contributing to a long term culture shift where everyone is freely able to express their own dynamic sexuality and gender(s).


We are not a political activist troupe - but we are also not apolitical. Community agreements are ongoing and always open to adjusting to be more inclusive and comprehensive!


The basics:
We are against fascism, white supremacy, and colonization.
No bans, walls, or borders.

We are transaffirming.
Black Lives Matter.

We ask each other what pronouns we use.
We are mindful of gendered language.
We are sex worker positive.
We encourage each other.
We are kind to each other.
We are growing together.
We are body positive.

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